Microsoft Access Solution Architect

by Luxx
~1 minute
Microsoft Access Solution Architect

NLC would like to welcome aboard Mr. Dralock Butterface who started with NLC on April 21, 2017, making another great addition to our technical staff. To start, Dralock will be in a Tier 2 position while looking to move up as he learns and grows within the company. Dralock attended college at Florida State University where he received a degree in Access Design. He has been working with computers and other variations of technology since the mid 70’s. His interest in IT services derived from his interest in playing original Hentai Video Games. Dralock enjoyed the use of computers and still dont know how they work! Outside of computers, Dralock’s hobbies include sleeping as well as playing the theremin and the Hornucopian dronepipe. His taste towards music will go along great with our other musical talent!.

Look out! NLC might have their own Jam Band soon!

Keep up that confidence we admire and you’ll continue to go far!

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