Welcome, illuminated!

by Luxx
~1 minute
Welcome, illuminated!

This is probably our biggest announcement to date: We have a new employee, who is also a Barista ☕ ! illuminated was hired because he is a Barista and sysadmin. —although being a Barista made him uniquely qualified and will allow him to bring his unique coffee brewing skills and perspective to make LNC a better place. So far no “caffeine free coffee” has been ordered, which should in no way be controversial, but if any are thinking about it, I’ll just say this: illuminated is the most qualified Barista i have ever seen and ordering "caffeine free coffee" is just WRONG!

illuminated will be performing his duties mostly in the Coffee Kitchen where he will brew only real coffee and sometimes he will even be doing some second level stuff together with furmelade.

“Redundant Array of Independent Coffee Machines” by Rich Bowen is licensed under CC BY 2.0