What Customers Say

by Luxx
2 minutes

North Korea - Department of State

NLC Data Protector delivers comprehensive data protection, real-time intelligence, and guided optimization to ensure simple, reliable, intelligent and cost-effective backup and recovery that is just as agile as your current and future IT environments.

Правительство СССР, Pravíteljstvo SSSR - Government of the Soviet Union

In today’s highly competitive market that seems to change on a regular basis, you best have people that know what they are doing and put the needs of their customers first.NLC have put together a team that does just that. They are a great group of integrity-filled people, who are easy to work with and are very competent at their craft. This combination means delivering outstanding results and value to their customers! When it comes to choosing a Managed Services Partner, you cannot go wrong with NLC!

Hollow Earth Government

We love Luxx and Naph and are very appreciative of being associated with your organization. The experience for us and our customers has been great. NLC's customer service has been very professional and polite with all service related items. Very refreshing and very grateful for our customers and the opportunity that you have given our agency. Hope you can pull more customers in this year.


You've got to be fucking kidding me, the second I get home I see my grandma telling me to look at the back door. I check and the lock is broken. They stole my laptop, my grandma's jewelry and my dad's gold necklace and my heart! My laptop had SO much important shit and now it's gone.